Scorekeeper Information

Please print this training sheet and bring with you to reference during the competition.

This sample scoresheet will be your guide for keeping score on a whiteboard.  Some volunteers have used this as a guide for setting up an electronic version in Excel (link will be added soon).


It is also important for you to know the rules to help you keep score.  For example, if a player interrupts the moderator in the middle of reading a question and blurts out an answer without being recognized by the moderator first, the opposite team gets 4 points (regardless of whether the blurted answer was correct or not), and the blurting team cannot answer that toss-up question.  However, if a player interrupts the moderator in the middle of reading a question but waits to be recognized by the moderator, there are no penalty points involved AS LONG AS the player’s answer is correct.  If it is incorrect, the other team gets 4 penalty points, and has a chance to answer the toss-up for an additional 4 points, etc.
Another rule that is important for you to know is regarding Bonus questions.  Only the team who got a Toss-up question correct is eligible to answer the corresponding bonus question.  If the other team buzzes in (this happens if they forget it’s a bonus question and think it’s a toss-up question), they get one warning.  If it happens again that round, you must award 10 penalty points to the opposing team.
These rules may sound complicated, but you will catch on pretty quickly that day.  Be prepared for a lot of Interrupts (but hopefully not a lot of blurts).  Teams use interrupts strategically when they are confident they know the answer.  A big part of the competition is buzzing in quickly, so pay close attention to interrupts so you can award the penalty points when the interrupting team is incorrect.

Thank you for volunteering!

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