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Please complete this Google form to register your team(s) for the optional MOSciBo Scrimmages. In order to register for either of these events, your school must be registered for the main event on this site:


IMPORTANT DEADLINES - Register on or before:

  • December 14 - registration deadline for first scrimmage to be held on January 14

  • January 8 - registration deadline for second scrimmage to be held on February 2

Scrimmage Signup Form

Tentative Scrimmage Timeline - CST - Subject to change

4 pm  Coach check in

4:15 to 4:50  Student and coach technical set up

4:55  Connect to Welcome/Keynote Zoom

5:00  Welcome/Keynote

5:10  Everyone should connect to their assigned zoom for Round 1

5:15  First round

5:45  Second round

6:15  Third round

6:45  Fourth round

7:15 to 7:30  Final Remarks

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